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[ profile] suzy_queue also asked about my favorite Christmas ornament and Disney ride.

It shouldn't be hard to pick a favorite Christmas ornament, ?
Considering there are no less than a dozen boxes of them in the attic, that I can find, it seems fair to say I have a slight problem saying no to a good looking ornament. Or any ornament, really!

Growing up my family had the, then standard, mercury glass ornaments. Some were solid colored, but we had a lot of shaped ones- bells, ovals with indentations- and they had loads of sparkle and painted designs. They were so pretty and delicate! We were still allowed to hang them, which I have since learned was an extreme show of faith and trust on my parent's part.

My father's parents had what I came to think of as 'the gold standard' tree. It was an artificial tree, top of the line for the early 70's, and covered in satin balls and bells in gold, tinsel garland, gold, along with some elves. You got it, in gold. At the end of the season my grandfather would wrap it up in garbage bags, still decorated and carefully store it until the following December.

My mother's folks had a tree with a mix or ornaments but what I really remember about their tree was the garland. It looked like candies covered in sugar! Candy canes, and peppermint swirls and butterscotch discs! What kid wouldn't love that?

Firming up my love for ornaments of all kinds falls to my godmother. For several years when I was young, she sent me a nice Hallmark ornament for Christmas. There was one with doves that spun through holes in a heart that was meant to look like wood cutting, an angel that held a star in her hands that looked to be made from bread dough and a flying 'angelic' Miss Piggy! These ornaments were mine, not family owned and only I could hang them! Heady stuff for a eight year old. When I moved out, these were the only ornaments I was allowed to take and they hung on my trees every year. [Until they were stolen, but that's not the story here]

For years I collected ornaments when I traveled and you can imagine how many Disney ornaments I have purchased over the years! So picking a favorite is a challenge. But, while typing this up in front of the tree, I realized I did have a favorite. Or two favorites, really, but they go together. Back in the 70's ceramics were a thing and Mom did a bunch of stuff at her 'ceramics class'. [Nowadays there'd be wine at those 'classes'.] Most of the things she made have long broken or been donated at her demand, but there's a set of ornaments that get hung on our tree every year. A cat for my brother, a dog for me, and a house for uh the house. That dog and the house are my favorites. Not only do I love that my mother made them, I love the way they look. They're clearly homemade, but well done and the house has a snow capped roof and the dog a wreath. Those ornaments say Christmas to me. Here, have a picture or two;

Favorite Disney ride. Wow. Every Disney fan knows that's not an

It could easily be Space Mountain, the one from my childhood before safety concerns made it individual seating and my father convinced my brother he'd get his head lobbed off inside if he wasn't careful [my family, ladies and gents!]. Or maybe the original Journey Into Imagination with the incredibly cute Figment and the tune that's almost as ear wormy as the tiny cruise that I won't mention by name just to be safe. Oh, oh! Or perhaps a ride most of you won't have heard of because it became something else before you ever set foot in a Disney park. [If You Had Wings, how I miss thee!]


The plain and simple truth is, I don't have one favorite. I can, however, pick one per park, so. Here goes!
Disney World, as that's my 'home' park, goes first.
Magic Kingdom; as it stands today, Haunted Mansion. So much love for this ride. The gorgeous gothic manor on the hill, the cemetery outside with the interactive bubbles and organ. The stretching room with it's hanging man [I still am mind blown that this never gets given the 'we can't have our children exposed to that!' treatment] , the bats with their heads worn smooth by millions and millions of hands, and the ghost host! And all that before the ride itself really starts!!
EPCOT: Living With The Land. I know, hokey. Don't care. It's simple and soothing and has rain sounds and used to have a wonderful tune, that I can play on my mental jukebox when I ride. And I love those quotes on the walls outside so much. And the idea that those kids probably have brought their own children to Disney World now, pointed to one and said 'that one's your mom'.
MGM; yeah, yeah, I know. Always going to be MGM to me. Tower of Terror. Great Movie Ride is a very very close second, but the Tower wins. The details of the setting are so engrossing and beautifully done that I am always sad I can't actually stay there! And the up down uncertainty of the ride itself is fantastic. Add in the best view in the resort and poof!
Animal Kingdom: Primeval Whirl. Sorry. It just makes me smile and I have yet to ride it without being surrounded by adults trying to cram themselves into it and laughing like loons! It's a great equalizer.

Disneyland, the 'home' park of my heart, is next.
Magic Kingdom: This is tough, because they have rides that never existed in Florida! Wonderful rides! Matterhorn and the monorail to nowhere! ALICE! And they still have Mr. Toad and Snow White! And Pinnochio! But their version of Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite. It's long and involved and has several drops and sigh. It's so lovely!
California Adventure; The original Soarin'. I haven't seen it's facelift, but have wonderful memories of the queue when it first opened and the absolute glee at being lifted into the sky by an enormous erector set! Best use of IMAX screening ever. Traveling the state of California with a literal bird's eye view, complete with the sweet smell of citrus and flying golf balls!

Now aren't you glad you asked? lol

oh my gosh, would you look at Lance all grinning and happy! mood theme fun! I had no idea that was still there!
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