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Today we have two requests by [ profile] kira_j. She asked for my favorite
This turned out to be trickier than I thought it would be! Initially, I figured Joan Fontaine. She is the leading lady from my favorite Hitchcock film, Rebecca. And she's lovely- fragile and naive, soft. But the real leading lady of that movie never even appears on screen. So.

Then I thought, Janet Leigh. She was terrific in Pyscho! She's in a dead end affair, stealing money from her boss and you still sympathize with her from the beginning. And that shower scene? Classic. But it didn't feel quite right.

Grace Kelley? Maybe.... she's gorgeous. Distractingly so. Kind, clever, ..... and she does that whole 'he did what?' thing so well. But, Nope. Tippy Hedren... nah.

Kim Novak! Yes!! She is all the classic Hitchcock leading lady things; blonde [Man so very much had a thing for the blondes], beautiful, just a touch unapproachable. And she plays the part so well. Vulnerable where she needs to be and mysterious and distant in others. And I adore the way she and Jimmy Stewart look together.

And not that you asked, but, favorite supporting lady? Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers. She's all 32 flavours of bats in the belfry crazy. Just awesome.

and my favorite

Simple answer here, fresh, scratch made strawberry shortcake. Warm biscuits, local berries- preferably self picked- real whipped cream. That, right there, is the good stuff. Is shortcake a international thing? Just dawned on me you might have no idea what that was! Oops.

I am determined to finish these. You have been warned. ;-)

How're the holidays treating you all?
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