Jan. 11th, 2016

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[livejournal.com profile] topaz119 asked about my best souvenir discovery at Disney World.

My answer is pretty lame, I think. I love making those Gimme! boxes, searching through stuff to buy little surprises for the intended recipients. The year people got Christmas ornaments was fun, knowing they would soon be hung on tress around the country; debating one ornament over another. There was the edibles trip- delightfully purchasing scads of snacks and candies guilt free! Packing that to come home was tricky, but it probably amused the TSA agent x-raying my bags! I think I remember a Heroes or Villains theme once, too. [actually just a giant excuse for me to spend loads of time in the now gone Villains shop]But since I don't ever get to see you guys opening the boxes, it's a bit tough to list one of those as a best find. Though, your shot glass comes close.

Personal souvenir best is a sweatshirt I bought back when I was working at The Disney Store and taking all advantage of my discounted room, free gate pass and merchandise discount. Ah, the good ole days, I do miss them. Anyway, there was this sweatshirt that I thought was too expensive. it cost a whole 60$! But it was gorgeous, sort of a sun-bleached color scheme with an all embroidered appliqué on the front depicting each of the four parks and a Leonardo DaVinci-esque Mickey in the middle. It was gorgeous. But the money! I hemmed, hawed and went home without it on more than one trip. Finally I just 'saved' up the money and bought it. Still love it today when I put it on, makes me feel just as happy as it did when I saw it in stores. And I've never seen anyone else wearing it!

Kinda' lame, hunh? But, will be hitting the left cost Disney in April.... should do gimme's for that trip. Haven't done those in ages!


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